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Be Well Massage & Phoenix Rising Mental Health Therapy 🐉👐🦅


Dennis Mace is relocating his massage therapy practice, & Tetana Adkins Mace is launching her Mental Health Practice at Phoenix Rising Therapy PLLC! 🐉🦅

Bagua Zhang Massage Therapy 🐉💆🏻‍♂️👐🏼

Dennis Mace, LMT will be relocating his massage therapy practice starting in September 2022!

In addition to being the Bagua Zhang Instructor at MaceMartialArts, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist, available by request at Be Well Massage Spa in Mukilteo, WA.


Over the years, I have discovered how incorporating Bagua Zhang principles into my massage therapy practice has helped enhance effective treatment work, as well as having a more rejuvenating experience both for my clients and myself.


My Bodywork Style: my goal is to connect with each client’s particular needs to help support your process of healing and relaxation.
My approach and modalities of practice integrates a seamless flow of Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Lomi-Lomi, Tui-Na, Deep-Tissue, Thai and Sports Massage, so that I can help release deeper tension and pain in a way that feels both soothing and rejuvenating.

I completed my massage therapy training with honors at Everest College – Seattle in 2010, specializing in Sports Massage.

More recently, I expanded my healthcare training by completing an intensive 100 CEU medical massage course, Advanced Pain Management Therapies, from Living Metta (February through June, 2022).


If you need to relax and ease some pain, request Dennis Mace when you schedule your appointment with me by contacting the
8229 44th Ave W
Unit F
Mukilteo, WA 98275
United States

To schedule an appointment for a massage with me, please call or text the Be Well Massage Spa at +1 (425) 381-3866.


Phoenix Rising Mental Health Therapy 🦅💫


Tetana Adkins Mace, LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Reiki Practitioner and owner at Phoenix Rising Therapy PLLC


My wife, Tetana Adkins Mace, LMHC is starting her own Mental Healthcare practice — Phoenix Rising Therapy PLLC — we all have challenges, and sometimes expert therapy is what we need to heal from traumatic experiences and insight to help us break through what’s holding us back.


Tetana is accepting new clients at this time for mental health therapy, Reiki and other healings, if you are interested please see her website Phoenix Rising Therapy PLLC.


Phoenix Rising Therapy PLLC


Mental and emotional trauma affect our bodies, just as physical trauma can affect our mental and emotional well-being.
We will be collaborating and discussing this topic in more detail in future articles and classes, stay tuned!


Accepting New Bagua Zhang Students at the Mace Martial Arts WuGuan! 🐉


Bagua Zhang Demo video from June 2022


We have space for a couple more in-person students for group classes at our new WuGuan, message us if you’re interested in learning Bagua Zhang Kung Fu!


◊ Saturdays 11am-12:30pm
◊ Sundays 11am-12:30pm
◊ Thursdays 7pm-8pm


Towns at Riverfront
Everett, WA
United States


Please RSVP to all classes you plan to attend, to confirm location and schedule.


Space limited to 5 students per class for in-person training — please message ahead to confirm your spot!


We also have times available for private lessons if the group classes do not work for your schedule.


For students joining remotely via Zoom, we can host classes for up to 100 participants on our Zoom account.


At Mace Martial Arts, we value the sanctity of all life, celebrate diversity, cultivate peace and justice, and accept students who are interested in learning how to improve and protect themselves. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry and will reject any potential or current student who bullies or discriminates against others based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, or gender/orientation.