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Here at Mace Martial Arts, we offer you a holistic training program that integrates:

💠 Self-Defense training, with health and fitness benefits.

💠 Meditation and energy cultivation to build vitality and enhance awareness.

💠 Strategies for self-defense, weaponry, effective communication, as well as personal development.

Taught in a progressive, structured curriculum, based on each student’s individual needs in a friendly, respectful environment.

These are the Safety and Courtesy requirements and expectations at Mace Martial Arts.

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Move Like a Dragon 

At the Eye of the Storm

The style of martial arts that we practice at Mace Martial Arts is

Cheng style Dragon Shape Swimming Body 8 Trigrams Palm

(程 式 龍形 游身 八卦掌, Chéng shì Lóng Xíng Yóu Shēn Bāguà Zhǎng).

While we integrate the study of other martial arts for perspective and realistic depth, Dragon Shape Bagua Zhang is the versatile system that we utilize as a foundation to build our bodies, calm our minds and focus our spirit.

Bagua Zhang Demo video from June 2022


Dragon Shape Bagua Zhang is a multifaceted martial art that integrates self-defense, Taoist Yoga methods of enhancing awareness and intuition, and strategies for improving communication and resolving conflict.

Bagua Zhang became renown during China’s tumultuous 19th Century due to the system’s efficiency in dealing with multiple attackers and subsequent implementation by bodyguards and elite Imperial guards.

At it’s core, Bagua Zhang is an art based on transformation, not only in conflict, but also the creative enhancement of the practitioner’s entire life. Bagua Zhang is derived from ‘Circle Walking’, an ancient meditation and energy cultivation practice, first documented over 5,000 years ago.

The coiling and turning movements of this practice hypnotically conceal deceptive strategies and powerful self defense techniques — Dragon Shape Bagua Zhang utilizes evasive footwork strategies for “swimming through” multiple attackers, and using the entire body for devastating strikes, locks, chokes and crippling throws.

You can learn about Our Bagua Zhang Lineage here.

Teaching Bagua Zhang Strategies
Teaching Bagua Zhang Strategies

Demo Video – Mace Martial Arts: Dragon Shape Bagua Zhang 龍形八卦掌 – Rolling Elbows and Serving Teacups

Training classes available in person in Seattle and remote online video worldwide!

Self-Defense Applications practice in Bagua Zhang

八卦掌 Bagua Zhang (“8 Trigrams Palm”) is a refined, formidable ‘internal’ Chinese martial art, which develops keen sensitivity, robust vitality, and instinctual versatility.   Training a centered mind and body while dynamically cultivating core-strength and internal power are hallmarks of this powerful self defense system, that blends circular strategies with fluid footwork, spiraling counter-strikes and throws to bewilder and neutralize attackers.

Dennis M - Sam B Bagua Apps 15Jul15 6a
Bagua Zhang self defense throw

Practicing Bagua Zhang awakens self-awareness and promotes personal health through a natural progression of skills, integrating practical strategies for peacefully resolving confrontations — on both physical and emotional/inter-personal levels.

Classes open to children (ages 7 and up), adults and seniors, beginners and experienced practitioners welcome. Class curriculum includes basic exercises, solo forms and applications practice, weapons training, and partner drills for developing sensitivity and strategic skills.

These are the Safety and Courtesy requirements and expectations at Mace Martial Arts.


Bagua: 8 Phases of Transformation arising from opposing but complimentary polarity.
Bagua: 8 Phases of Transformation arising from opposing but complimentary polarity.

Demo Video – Mace Martial Arts: Dragon Shape Bagua Zhang 龍形八卦掌 – Dragon Pearl and Silk Reeling Qi Gong

The “Internal” training of Bagua Zhang is rooted in Taoist Yoga (Dao Yin) and Qi-Gong (氣功 – Breath & Energy Work).

Dao Yin – Chinese Taoist Yoga & Qi-Gong
Dao Yin – Chinese Taoist Yoga & Qi-Gong

Taoist Yoga (導 引Dao Yin, literally “Guiding and Stretching”) are Chinese exercise methods that coordinate breathing and movement to calm the mind, cultivate Qi (氣, pronounced “chee”), the vital life force within the body, and harmonize with natural universal energy. 

Dao-Yin is an essential aspect of Bagua Zhang training, that can

💠 Improve your balance, strength, alignment, and flexibility

💠 Develop awareness and a calm mind

💠 Improve restorative sleep

💠 Lower blood pressure, reduce pain, and increase exercise capacity

💠 Cultivate your Inner-Power for improved immune system and vitality


Bagua Zhang - Hide Flower Under Leaf
Bagua Zhang posture (Yè Dǐ Cáng Huā – “Hide Flower Under Leaf”)

Instructor: Dennis Mace – LMT, Formal Disciple of Yang Guotai

Shifu Dennis Mace has been training various Martial Arts since 1982, and started teaching in 1990. His thorough, hands on approach, emphasizing courtesy and ethics, and his commitment to cultivating each student’s authentic skills and improving their overall health and empowerment has contributed to his widespread popularity in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Available for workshops and seminars  worldwide

on Bagua Zhang, weapons training, self-defense, Qi-Gong/Taoist Yoga and meditation, emphasizing simplicity of practical principles, drills and applications.

He has studied several styles, though his specialty is BaguaZhang: “8 Trigrams Palm” — he is a 5th generation disciple of Cheng style Bagua Zhang, and this is his primary focus in training and teaching to pass on to the next generation.


Bagua Zhang Classes are held on

💠 Sundays 11am – 12:30pm PST

💠 Thursday evenings 7pm – 8pm PST


Towns at Riverfront
Everett, WA
United States


Mace Martial Arts Student Intake Form

If you’re interested in starting your training with us, please complete our student intake form and email it to me at




Please RSVP to all classes you plan to attend, to confirm location and schedule.

Call (206) 440-9187 to Schedule so I can introduce you to our class and customize your training needs here at Mace Martial Arts

Bagua Zhang – Qing Long “Green Dragon”

Membership Plan for Mace Martial Arts

Monthly Membership enrollment allows you to attend as many of the regular group classes as you can per month and grants access to Mace Martial Arts learning materials and discussions with classmates and your instructor via the members Facebook group where we share files, videos and have discussions about training and review material covered in class.  These materials are gradually being added to the Vajra Bagua Zhang student reference page. The Monthly Membership Plan is $100 per month for in-person training, and only $50 per month for joining us remotely via Zoom.  We also offer Family discounts when your family members join with you in classes!

Mace Martial Arts Membership offers more resources to help you learn while enrolled in Monthly Group classes, or in private lessons, in addition to tuition. Membership benefits are included with the Package Programs (6 Month and Full Year).

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Referral Discounts: $20 Discount off 1 Month’s Membership Tuition fees for referring a new student to enroll in classes, and a $20 Discount to the new Student that you refer for their first month! 



Want to learn Bagua Zhang from home?

Private and Group Bagua Zhang Classes available worldwide Online

Have you been interested in taking Bagua Zhang Classes, but there’s no teacher in your area, or the class times do not fit your schedule? I have a great solution: I also teach Bagua Zhang classes privately via remote video online! All you need to get started is:

💠 a high speed internet connection,

💠 an account on ,

💠 a space big enough to practice in front of your webcam, laptop, tablet or smart phone so I have visibility of what you’re doing.

Email me at now, and we can schedule a time to begin your training!

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Bagua Zhang Package Programs available at Mace Martial Arts!

We are offering 2 package programs — 6 month Essential Package, and full year Journey to Mastery Package — for students that want an immersive learning experience and are ready to commit to lifestyle change and certification, with more support and resources to help guide you to your goals. Each of these programs include all regular group classes, private lessons, testing fees and membership fees all at a package discount.

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Testimonials for Vajra Visions – Mace Martial Arts Instructor Dennis Mace

Teaching a Bagua Zhang self defense entry

“Dennis is a very highly skilled and conscientious teacher. His commitment to deep practice and understanding of the applied principles of these arts allow benefits to novice and experienced practitioners. I HIGHLY recommend his classes!” — Derryl Willis, Chief Instructor at Seattle School of Chen Style Taijiquan

“Dennis is an excellent martial arts instructor who teaches practical techniques for the street as well as the rich history behind the art.”  — Jason MacCoy, 3D Animation Instructor  

“Dennis Mace is one of the top martial arts instructors in Seattle. If you are looking to gain realistic combat skills (both standing and on the ground), internal power, and a more healthy lifestyle then this is the man you need to learn from.”  — Thomas Fox, US Navy

“Dennis Mace is one of the finest practitioners of Bagua Zhang in the Seattle area. His technique and teaching prove his passion for the art. Giving real life insight and methodology… Dennis Mace has given me invaluable techniques for improving both my mind and body. I highly recommend this class.” — Wilho Heikkinen, Ex US Navy

“I booked a couple of private lessons with Dennis, since I practice Cheng style Baguazhang, and heard he was good.  I was most definitely impressed with every single aspect of the lessons!  First of all he customized them for me in particular at my current level of training, and he also took a couple of injuries I have in mind.  He gave me specific exercises to help my injuries heal well, as well as to increase flexibility where it is needed. What I enjoyed most about Dennis’ lessons is that he taught principals, not just application after application, but more about why you are doing each one, and what you are searching for with your body and breath when doing them.  I was amazed at how much information he has about Cheng Bagua, and could tell we were only touching the tip of the iceberg.  Dennis also helped me improve my circle walking, as well as added some things to my fuju gonfa. I can safely say that Dennis gave me 3-6 months of stuff to work on.  Fortunately I took notes ;). The lessons were a mixture of bringing what I already knew deeper, as well as introducing some new concepts.  I will most definitely be returning for a lesson everytime I am in Seattle!” — Athena Wallinder

“As someone who has practiced a range of martial arts for 30 years, I have to say Mr Mace is a top notch instructor.  He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and, more importantly, is able to convey that knowledge effectively.” — Michael Hasse

“Dear Energy Workers, Our Bagua Zhang introductory workshop was a huge success. We did theory and warm-ups At the Healing Arts Center then practiced our newly learned skills outside in the village gardens. It was so much fun, I forgot to take pictures! We plan to hold many more of these workshops & classes. Bagua Zhang is rooted in Taoism, Chinese Yoga and martial arts. It helps you to increase and work with energy, become more rooted, and build self-confidence through spiral movement. Dennis Mace, LMP and Martial Arts Instructor offers “Highly effective training for real-life situations.” He has studied many martial art forms. However, His core training is in Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, and Bagua Zhang. Dennis is committed to empowering and cultivating authentic skills in each of his students while improving their overall health. His classes are prefect for all ages. ” —   Nancy Merrifield, RN, Reiki Master Teacher,  Life Solutions Healing Arts Center 

“I had heard great things about Dennis for years before actually meeting him, and last Fall when we finally connected I can testify that it was all true!  He is a very knowledgeable martial artist and his depth and breadth of information about the internal arts is spectacular.  I attended a Bagua workshop with him this month and walked away with a lot of ideas of how to make my martial arts training better.  In particular, I got to experience “sticky body” in a very thought provoking way that will improve my training, and I learned some things about how the hips can open and close to improve power generation. I highly encourage folks to train with Dennis, you won’t be disappointed!” — Daniel Cashman, EAMP, MS(AOM), NCCAOM Dipl. Ac, General Manager Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts  

“After 2 years Karate, 2 years TaiChi/Qigong, 2 years BoaBom/SeammJasani, yet in 8 months of Bagua Zhang, I feel I’ve learned more than I did in those 6 years. This is for 3 reasons from my perspective:

1.) I’ve practiced so many years of yoga and advanced training that I’ve received both in yoga and Massage therapy that have made more intuitive/open to learning movement arts. In other words, I’m more “receiving” than in my previous early adulthood.

2.) Those 6 years of martial arts total was too focused on “Forms” We were pushed to memorize steps/movements/dances with very little practice of application or explanation of how to utilize them, let alone even what was supposed to be going on internally. There were always excuses on why our questions were not be answered, with false promises of “later later later”

3.) You! You’re teaching method is friendly, understanding and giving. You’re enthusiasm shines through. You emphasize the importance of knowing the how/why and not getting hung up on the fluffy image stuff. In some ways you are an evolution of modern teaching that’s effective and not stuck in an outdated model of delivery.

So thanks again for all you share!” — Michael Aquino, Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist

Dennis is a skilled Kung Fu practitioner! Very well rounded in is teaching ability!! And its a blessing for his students to have a teacher like him!!” — Azeem McDaniel, Choy Lay Fut Expert and Escrima Instructor

“Today was a very good day. Martial arts all day! I had my first workshop in using the staff with Dennis P. Mace of Mace Martial Arts and held at Seattle Asian medicine and martial arts (SAMMA) in Lake city. I’m looking forward to more training with the staff and any of the weapons classes he will have in the future . It’s an exciting addition to my weekly Bagua Zhang classes. If ever you were interested in Martial arts check Dennis and SAMMA out. They have amazing instructors , and Healing arts. This has long been an interest of mine and now a big part of my life. Your never too old to follow your dreams, you just have to start :)” — Erica Keshvadian, Illustrator and Graphic Artist

“I have had around 17 different instructors over the past 50 years including being a private student of Wu Mui Pai head of system Grandmaster Wai Ming Chow; Bok Shaolin Eagle Claw head of system Grandmaster Fu Leung and a student of Tai Chi Praying Mantis Master Huy “The Dragon” Chiang to name a few. In the past few weeks I have learned more applications than I had learned in all those other schools put together! Dennis has very deep knowledge of martial arts and he has the ability to actually use and teach it. In most schools all you will ever see is some type of kickboxing as soon as they go to fight, even a well known Tiger Claw school in New York does this. The style taught here is Cheng style Bagua which is based off of Chinese wrestling and has a whole bunch of Dragon thrown in for good measure. Tons of throws; joint locks and wicked strikes. If you like Japanese styles like judo; Jiu Jitsu and Aikido you will LOVE Cheng Bagua. Dennis is also a great guy and there is zero attitude in this school. I came in with two herniated disks, bone spurs and spinal stenosis and in just a few weeks my pain is almost gone! Come here for expert Kung Fu instructon; physical therapy; stress relief; longevity exercises and the list goes on forever. Can’t say enough good things!” — Chris Perkins, retired US Navy

“Dennis is a great teacher and I love his style. He was so easy to follow and I felt amazing after the workout.” — Theresa Soucy, owner at Frank’s Bakery and Catering Service 


”Dennis is an incredible teacher. He does such a great job breaking down the concepts and principles of Bagua Zhang. I’ve found it difficult to find a teacher in Chinese martial arts over the years who has both depth of knowledge and the ability to effectively teach. This place is a true gem and Dennis is a great teacher, so glad to have found it!” — Martin Reyes, US Air Force 


“Martial Arts basics: Facilities are clean. Not a cult.
Friendly and knowledgeable, skilled instructor who is able to teach (rarer than you think!)
Why go there and not somewhere else?
Aside from the reasons above, the martial arts taught here are both practical, philosophical, and immensely positive.
Something that can add value to your quality of life (beyond simple fitness) and without compromising other lifestyle choices.
Would thoroughly recommend.” — Terry Neil 


“I’ve known Dennis for 20 years and had the privilege of training not only with Dennis, but also his baguazhang teacher, the late Yang Guotai. Yang sifu was an old-school teacher of real integrity and authentic martial skill who did not suffer fools gladly. For Yang sifu to take on Dennis as a disciple meant that he saw Dennis as a person of integrity and perseverance with great potential to carry on the baguazhang lineage.  If he were alive today, Yang Guotai would be proud of how Dennis has maintained the skills and painstaking teaching of real baguazhang. I travel and have the opportunity to train with teachers in a wide variety of martial arts. I’ve worked with Dennis both privately and in group settings. He is among the handful of martial arts teachers I return to, among the very best I’ve encountered. Plus Dennis is just a great, down-to-earth guy with authentic personal values and an easygoing, humble demeanor that reflects the Dao. Learning with Dennis is a great opportunity–take it.” — Tom Campbell


“Some say the master appears when the student is ready. That’s how I felt when I met Shifu Dennis Mace. I wanted to learn more internal martial arts and my searches led me to Dennis. His Baguazhang lineage is very impressive and real. It is a direct route to the founders of modern Bagua, when it was first publicly made known to us mere mortals (Dennis Mace, Yang Guotai, Xu Zhenbiao, Wang Wenkui/Liu Shikui, Liu Bin, Cheng Tinghua, Dong Haichuan, Bi Cheng Xia, …). What that means is that the Cheng Bagua you will learn is authentic and uncorrupted by faulty transmission. Before meeting Shifu Yang, he had also been a student for years with Shifu Starr in Omaha. Dennis has also trained in many other martial arts, including Aikido, and often compares Bagua to some of the styles he’s practiced. So, you get to learn multiple styles. I have been training for about a year now. He is a really good teacher, and a superb martial artist. His knowledge of massage therapy and anatomy, including fasciae, also contributes to his teaching. Class focus is usually on fundamentals and practical self-defense. Applications from forms are always emphasized. Shifu Mace works well with people from all ages and diverse backgrounds, you don’t have to have previous martial arts experience or flexibility. He’ll start from scratch, and work with you at your own pace. There are benefits of stretching, increased flexibility, and full body coordination to achieve internal power. You’ll also learn Neigong and Daoyin exercises. He provides a very friendly relaxed environment and a progressive prejudice-free space. He’s dedicated to martial arts, and really deserves a large school of dedicated students, but right now there’s few of us, so it’s almost like taking private lessons.” — Rey Ramirez



Dennis M - Sam B Bagua ZhiTianChaDi 15Jul15 9a
Teaching Bagua’s “Zhi Tian Cha Di” (Point to Heaven Pierce Earth)



Research reveals several health benefits of Internal Martial Arts training:

💠 Arthritis.Tufts University (October 2008, American College of Rheumatology) found that one hour of tai chi twice a week for 12 weeks reduced pain and improved mood and physical functioning more than standard stretching exercises in people with severe knee osteoarthritis. In the journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (December 2008): eight weeks of tai chi classes followed by eight weeks of home practice significantly improved flexibility and slowed the disease process in patients with ankylosing spondylitis, a painful and debilitating inflammatory form of arthritis that affects the spine.

💠 Breast cancer.  Researchers at the University of Rochester (Medicine and Sport Science , 2008) found that quality of life and functional capacity (including aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and flexibility) improved in women with breast cancer who did 12 weeks of tai chi, while declining in a control group that received only supportive therapy.

💠 Heart disease.  Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine  (September 2008):  Tai chi significantly boosted exercise capacity, lowered blood pressure, and improved levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin, and C-reactive protein in people at high risk for heart disease. There was no improvement in the group that did not practice tai chi.

💠 Heart failure.  Harvard Medical School: 12 weeks of tai chi improved participants’ ability to walk and quality of life. It also reduced blood levels of B-type natriuretic protein, an indicator of heart failure. A 150-patient controlled trial is under way.

💠 Hypertension.  Preventive Cardiology, (Spring 2008):  In this review of 26 studies, in 85% of trials tai chi lowered blood pressure — with improvements ranging from 3 to 32 mm Hg in systolic pressure and from 2 to 18 mm Hg in diastolic pressure.

💠 Parkinson’s disease. Washington University School of Medicine, Gait and Posture, (October 2008):  People with mild to moderately severe Parkinson’s disease showed improved balance, walking ability, and overall well-being after 20 tai chi sessions.

💠 Sleep problems.University of California, Los Angeles, Sleep journal (July 2008): 16 weeks of tai chi improved the quality and duration of sleep significantly more than standard sleep education.


At Mace Martial Arts, we value the sanctity of all life, celebrate diversity, cultivate peace and justice, and accept students who are interested in learning how to improve and protect themselves. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry and will reject any potential or current student who bullies or discriminates against others based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, or gender/orientation. 


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