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Accepting New Students — Bagua Iron Palm Starting in June

Iron Palm Training Equipment

Bagua Zhang Iron Palm & Iron Body Training

Starting in June, we will return to Bagua Zhang Iron Palm and Iron Body training.
This practice is integral to Bagua Zhang practice, and we will be covering Bagua Zhang’s approach to these training methods.
If you have trained Bagua Zhang with us previously and want a refresher or introduction to these training methods, please respond to this post/message to confirm and register.
Here’s the list for the equipment you’ll need for your Iron Palm training.
In all, the equipment is relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire.
Iron Palm Training Equipment
Equipment needed:
  • canvas sand bags, 3: approximately 1’ x 1’,   DIY made from denim (used jeans), mail bags or bank money bags, or canvas tool bags from a hardware store; double-stitched to avoid tearing/spilling; 1 filled with grain, another filled with sand, another filled with either polished gravel or steel shot/bb’s
  • Barrel, large vase, or Tall kitchen trash can: 10-13 gallon, round is best but rectangular or square  is fine;
  • Cheap grain, 50 pounds: either rice or feed-corn, to put in trash can and canvas bags
  • Mung Beans: approximately 3-5 pounds to mix with grain in trash can (good for skin)
  • Cedar balls: pack of 100, to mix with grain in grain barrel/can (to keep away insects)
  • Concrete Cinder blocks, 2-4: for base, platform and weight training
  • Concrete patio stones, rectangular, 2-4: 16” x 8”, for base, platform, cover for barrel/can, and weight training
  • 2 staffs and/or 2 escrima sticks
  • Iron Hitting Ointment (Dit Da Jow, 跌打酒 – Dié Dǎ Jiǔ “Fall- Hitting Liniment/Wine”) from an apothecary in Chinatown, or Wing Lam Enterprises  https://wle.com/collections/training , or Black Belt Herbs http://www.blackbeltherbs.com/ , or Dr. Dale Dugas https://www.daledugas.com/
Iron Palm Training Equipment
We will be focusing primarily on Iron Palm Training methods during classes for the month of June. We will be discussing this topic in more detail and how it integrates with other aspects of Bagua Zhang training!


Accepting New Bagua Zhang Students at the Mace Martial Arts WuGuan! 🐉


Bagua Zhang Demo video from June 2022


We have space for a couple more in-person students for group classes at our new WuGuan, message us if you’re interested in learning Bagua Zhang Kung Fu!


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Please RSVP to all classes you plan to attend, to confirm location and schedule.


Space limited to 5 students per class for in-person training — please message ahead to confirm your spot!


We also have times available for private lessons if the group classes do not work for your schedule.


For students joining remotely via Zoom, we can host classes for up to 100 participants on our Zoom account.

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