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Internal Fighting Arts Podcast: interview with Dennis Mace


I was honored to be invited by Ken Gullette to be a guest on his Internal Fighting Arts Podcast, and appear in the newest episode, 55.  

It was great catching up with Ken during the interview, and though we just started skimming the surface, I look forward to continuing the conversation and training with him. 

I highly recommend listening to the rest of the interviews in the Internal Fighting Arts Podcast, there is an invaluable wealth of information there on several topics related to martial arts and healthy living. 


Reminder: We will be returning to in-person training next week, April 24th, for all students who have completed their COVID vaccinations! More info here, in last weeks post.


At Mace Martial Arts, we value the sanctity of all life, celebrate diversity, cultivate peace and justice, and accept students who are interested in learning how to improve and protect themselves. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry and will reject any potential or current student who bullies or discriminates against others based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, or gender/orientation.