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Bagua Zhang History & Schedule Change

Bagua Zhang History: William E. Fairbairn 


Lietenant Colonel William E. Fairbairn, 1942

One of the first Western practitioners of Bagua Zhang was

William Ewart Fairbairn (1885-1960), military combatives trainer for British, Canadian and American special forces during WWII, and hand to hand combat trainer for OSS, FBI and CIA. Fairbairn had an extensive martial arts training background (boxing, wrestling, Savate, Jujutsu, Judo and various Chinese Martial Arts) and extensive streetwise combat experience (police records document some 600 non-training fights).
William E. Fairbairn, Cui Zhendong, Eric A. Sykes, Professor Okada (from the Imperial Combat Arts website)
While working as a police officer in Shanghai, China (from 1907 to 1927) William Fairbairn learned martial arts from Cui Zhendong, who was a Chinese Imperial Retainer, bodyguard of Empress Dowager Cixi, and Bagua Zhang disciple of Yin Fu. William Fairbairn studied Bagua Zhang from Cui Zhendong for a decade and considered Cui “a man of terrifying prowess.” During that time, Shanghai was considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and Fairbairn’s professional reputation and experience in Shanghai led to him becoming one of the most respected and sought after combatives trainers in the world.
Was This the Most Dangerous Man of World War 2?

Accepting New Bagua Zhang Students & Schedule Change at the Mace Martial Arts WuGuan! 🐉

Bagua Zhang Demo video from June 2022
We are canceling the regular Saturday Group class starting in November, which will free up time for private lessons and workshops.
Also, I will be out of town for a business meeting the week of November 4th-10th, so classes will be postponed that week — please continue to practice and study on your own time and we will continue classes on Sunday, November 12th.

We have space for a couple more in-person students for group classes at our new WuGuan, message us if you’re interested in learning Bagua Zhang Kung Fu!

◊ Sundays 11am-12:30pm
◊ Thursdays 7pm-8pm


Towns at Riverfront (Please register for classes for address), Everett, WA

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Space limited to 5 students per class for in-person training — please message ahead to confirm your spot!


We also have times available for private lessons if the group classes do not work for your schedule.


For students joining remotely via Zoom, we can host classes for up to 100 participants on our Zoom account.

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