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Start the New Year with Essential Energy

Rejuvenate your vitality with the Essential Energy Online Course starting next week — each Monday in January!

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Essential Energy 4-Week Online Course


Over the last few months since Karen and I began sharing our Essential Energy Workshops, we’ve been flooded by the gratitude and rejuvenation of the participants –ranging from children to seniors — and that has been so rewarding for us!


We received invitations to teach in different parts of the world from people who are eager to learn this powerful and unique combination of vitality cultivation and certified pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Since we can’t make it to all of those places, we created an Online Essential Energy 4-Week Course — coming to your living room each Monday in January — starting next week!


The key to building your energy is consistency. Let us help you be more consistent!


In each of the 1 hour lessons, we will review and build on the basics we covered in the Essential Energy Live Workshops, as well as introduce new exercises and principles to help you create your own life-enhancing daily practice.


The class will be held via Zoom Video at 10-11am Pacific Standard Time.




If you are eager to learn, but can’t make the live class time — or if the live sessions are already reserved — we are offering access to a recording of the Essential Energy 4-Week Online Course, for a limited time.


Register now for the Essential Energy 4-Week Online Course here!


We’ll see you in class soon — Happy New Year to you and your dear ones!


Sincerely, with Love,

Dennis and Karen

About the Instructors:

Karen Atkins – AdvCBP, AdvCBI, LMT, Certified Wudang Qigong Instructor

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Karen Atkins cultivates practices that help people take better care of themselves and find their optimal state of being on all levels. Through “Restore Your Soul”, an awareness based business, Karen supports lifestyle education and transformation through nourishment, Qi Gong, essential oils, BodyTalk, music, and other therapeutic methods. She has recently been featured on Ted Talks and Good Morning America.
* Dennis Mace – LMT, Yiliquan Kung Fu Black Belt, Formal Disciple of Yang Guotai

Dennis Mace 29Sep2015

Shifu Dennis Mace has been training and teaching holistic Martial Arts and Qi-Gong since 1982. His thorough, hands on approach, emphasizing courtesy and ethics, and his commitment to cultivating each student’s authentic skills and improving their overall health and empowerment has contributed to his widespread popularity in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.