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The Courage to Overcome Victimhood

Five Elements (五大 Wŭ Dà or Go Dai) Earth ~ 地 Chi (Dì) - North - Spring - Green Water ~ 水 Sui (Shuǐ ) - West - Summer - Blue Fire ~ 火 Ka (Huǒ) - South - Autumn - Red Earth ~ 風 Fū (Fēng) - East - Winter - Yellow Aether ~ 空 Kū (Kōng) - Center - Year - White/Black“Look within to heal and reveal your true self”


We have all at some point in our lives been attacked, betrayed, or suffered trauma — how we respond, learn, and adapt to those challenges determines our personal value and sense of worth.

How we perceive and respond is the barometer of our level of failure or success in life.

Any time you start to feel sorry for yourself,

  • take account of what your situation is
  • accept your responsibility in getting there — so that you realize you have the ability to choose your perspective, and your attitude
  • only you have the power to create and change your reality
  • realize that blaming others for your situation gives all your power to them

To take your power back,

  • imagine what you would like to be different, and allow yourself to feel it to your core
  • make your dreams your aspirations, and set goals to achieve your aspirations
  • brainstorm the actions you can take to create your new reality
  • take at least one (three is better) actionable step towards that aspiration, every day

Acknowledge any excuse to not act as a self-imposed fear,

and an obstacle for you to overcome in your path to fulfilling your dreams.
If you feel stuck in a vicious cycle, or are confused, feel lost and unsure about yourself and what you want, or are wondering when your ship is going to come in,

  • the only perfect time is now — this is your life — stop waiting!
  • appreciate both the encouragement and criticism of others as fuel to inspire you to keep stepping forward on your plans and path
  • celebrate your victories and learn from failures — they are the fire, water and stone that forge, quench and polish you
  • let your dreams inspire you as you create your own path and keep dreaming and moving forward!

The state of the world is your perspective, and your projection,

  • only you have the power to change it
  • you are the Savior you seek, Divinity resides within you
  • become your own Super Hero!

Remember to have empathy and respect for others — we are all of us facing our own struggles and challenges!

All of this is what I mean when I say “look within to heal and reveal your true self”.

I bow to the Divinity within you, peace be unto you.

Dennis Mace