“Vision is the gift to see what others only dream”

“Vision is the gift to see what others only dream”

Need Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Imagine looking over your shoulder while driving without pain.

Imagine working happily through your day, the nagging headaches a dreamlike memory.

In my practice, people come to me suffering from pain caused by stress, overwork, injuries and not taking care of themselves. They want me to “fix” them, give them some respite from the headaches, pinched nerves, and lost sleep that distracts us from the pursuits they love caused by the barrage of painful “life lessons” we face each day.

For the last 34 years, I’ve practiced martial arts and Chinese Yoga. Everyday, I stretch, train, and meditate. Every. Day. This daily training has taught me how to stay calm and centered, recover from injuries, aches and pains very effectively, or prevent them altogether.

I’m sharing this simple set of stretches I’ve compiled to help open and free your neck, shoulders and chest from of the burden of nagging tension and distracting pain that’s taking away from your life. From personal experience, I know these exercises work. They’ve worked for the teachers I’ve learned them from, they work for my students, and they will work for you as well.

Whether it’s an old injury, or nagging stress that limits your movement, your ability to drive, or distracts you from enjoying your life, this simple set of exercises take only about 5 minutes a day and will help ease your stress and discomfort. If you do these daily, it will improve your focus and energy, and you will feel much better.

For only $14, you can download or stream these videos anytime to guide you through these simple stretches to ease tension and increase range of motion in your neck and shoulders. You can use these stretches in conjunction with massage therapy and other bodywork, or as warm-ups to your exercise routine to help prevent injuries. Please forward these stretches to anyone that you feel could benefit from these Neck and Shoulders Vitality Exercises

Over 34 years of Martial Arts, Chinese Yoga, and Bodywork experience gives me unique intuitive expertise to help you overcome pain, Stress RELIEF and Injury RECOVERY, so you can enjoy your work, play without care, and live without limitation!

Neck and Shoulders Vitality Video — Available now to open and free the head, neck, shoulders, and chest from tension and pain. Includes customized exercises & stretches from the ancient wisdom of Taoist Yoga specifically tailored to transform your pain to vitality!

Goal: Respite from Acute Stress, Injury Recovery, Chronic Pain Resolution, or as a warm-up before exercise/work to prevent injuries


  • Eliminate Pain
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Injury Recovery / Chronic Pain Recovery
  • Better Sleep quality & duration
  • Increased efficiency at work and improve performance of activities & functions
  • Reduce the frequency/intensity/duration of headaches
  • Increase Vitality with more efficient muscle function (less energy wasted on tense muscles)
  • Increased Immune System Function


Payment: just $14 for the Neck and Shoulders Vitality Exercises

If you like these exercises and would like to learn more, come try my Bagua Zhang classes!

Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any exercise program. The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.

Vitality Video Instructor:

* Dennis Mace – LMT, Yiliquan Kung Fu Black Belt, Formal Disciple of Yang Guotai Shifu Dennis Mace has been training and teaching holistic Martial Arts and Qi-Gong since 1982. His thorough, hands on approach, emphasizing courtesy and ethics, and his commitment to cultivating each student’s authentic skills and improving their overall health and empowerment has contributed to his widespread popularity in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Vision is the gift to see what others only dream

Vision is the gift to see what others only dream