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Bagua Zhang Massage with Dennis Mace, LMT


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In addition to being the Bagua Zhang Instructor at Mace Martial Arts, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 60155511), available by request in my Private Practice in Everett, WA.


Dennis Mace, LMT, Bagua Zhang Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 60155511), owner at Vajra Visions – Mace Martial Arts


Meet Dennis Mace, Licensed Massage Therapist 

Friendly, compassionate and respectful, Dennis is committed to helping each of his clients relieve tension and pain to feel rejuvenated and achieve your optimal potential health.

Dennis was first introduced to massage therapy and other healing practices through his life path in the martial arts, and views health care and martial arts as flip sides of the same coin.

Dennis completed his massage therapy training with honors at Everest College -Seattle in 2010, specializing in Sports Massage. More recently, Dennis expanded his training by completing an intensive 100 CEU medical massage course, Advanced Pain Management Therapies, from Living Metta (February through June, 2022).

Dennis connects with each client’s particular needs, and integrates a seamless flow of Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Lomi Lomi, Tui-Na, Deep Tissue treatment, Thai and Sports Massage to support your process of healing in a way that feels both soothing and rejuvenating.

Originally from Omaha, NE, Dennis relocated to the Seattle area in 1999, and with the exception of living in Asia for a couple years, he considers the Pacific Northwest his home in paradise. A devoted husband and father, Dennis lives with his family in Everett, WA, where he also teaches Qigong and Bagua Zhang Kung Fu.


Bagua Zhang Massage Therapy

Bagua: 8 Phases of Transformation arising from opposing but complimentary polarity.

Over the years, I have discovered how incorporating Bagua Zhang principles into my massage therapy practice has helped enhance effective treatment work, as well as having a more rejuvenating experience both for my clients and myself. 🐉


If you need to relax and ease some pain, you can schedule your appointment at my private practice in Everett, WA, at

Towns at Riverfront
Everett, WA
United States


To schedule an appointment for a massage with me, please call or text at +1 (206)440-9187.

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Mace Massage Therapy Rates 👐🏼

Available on Mondays
💠 1 hour Massage – $80
💠 90 minute Massage – $120
💠 2 hour Massage – $160


Massage Enhancements – $10 Each

Enhance your treatment by adding your choice of any the following to your massage therapy session (you can choose to add one, 2, 3, or all 4 to your session):

💠 EO Aromatherapy – your choice of Essential Oil Aromatherapy blend

💠 PRO Enhancement – scented Pain Relieving Oil or Cream

💠 Cupping – use silicone cups to create negative pressure to release tension

💠 DTR – Deep Tension Relief Percussive Theragun



Mace Martial Arts Lessons Rates 🐉

Private Lessons (Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Qigong)
1 hour $80 (1-3 students per session, in-person or remote)
Package of 4 one-hour lessons $280
Monthly In-Person Group Classes $100 per month
Monthly Remote Online Classes $50 per month


Share the Wisdom! 🙏🏻

Referral Discounts: $20 Discount off 1 Month’s Membership Tuition fees for referring a new student to enroll in classes, and a $20 Discount to the new Student that you refer for their first month! 

The referral discount also applies to massage services at Mace Martial Arts: our massage clients receive a $20 referral discount for their next massage service each time a new client schedules with us by their recommendation, and the referred client also gets a $20 referral discount for their first massage session! Also, Mace Martial Arts students are welcome to a $20 discount towards one massage service per month.  Likewise, our massage clients are welcome to get the $20 referral discount for their first month of trying a Mace Martial Arts membership!   

The $20 referral discount also applies to healing sessions with Tetana at Phoenix Rising PLLC — our martial arts students and massage clients receive a $20 referral discount for their first healing session with Tetana (* mental health counseling not included in referral discount), and her clients receive a $20 referral discount for their first month Membership, or private lesson, or massage session at Mace Martial Arts and Massage Therapy.  



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Massage Reviews & Testimonials for Dennis Mace, LMT

Washington State (MA 60155511)

The following reviews are from Yelp


 Michael V.
Seattle, WA
I have had several massage appointments with Dennis at his previous location – this was my first at the new location in Queen Anne. The new location is 10 times better – and much bigger!
Dennis is excellent, very calm but at the same time very intense. He has a short
consultation with you before the massage to find out what your goals are and why you came to see him.
I have lots of tension in my back and neck from playing music, which becomes a problem if I don’t have a massage once a month. I’ve even had to see a chiropractor before because the tension in my back caused a rib to be dislocated!
This appointment was by far the best, because it was 1 1/2 hour appointment, as opposed to my normal 1 hour session. The extra 1/2 hour really allowed the time necessary to fully address the tension in my back and neck. I would recommend 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours instead of just 1 hr.


 pitter k.
Seattle, WA
I have seen Dennis for 60 and 90 minute massages, and he’s worth every star. What I like most about Dennis is that he takes the time to talk with you before AND after your appointment about why you’re seeking treatment, what you’d like him to focus on, and excellent recommendations on post-massage treatment. He’s a fantastic listener, and clearly takes the time to make sure he’s understood what you’ve said. He’s patient and answers questions without every seeming impatient or condescending. I really like his calm and tranquil attitude.
The first time I got a massage with him, I honestly felt giddy afterward. During the second massage, I was distracted by the street noises in his new location, but I hear he’s moving to an even newer place which is located farther from the street.
Dennis is one of those people that I don’t even want to recommend on Yelp, so that his schedule remains more free for ME! But I appreciate his hard work and great knowledge and hope his business will continue to grow.


 Emily Z.
Seattle, WA
Dennis is unbelievable! He’s calm, centered, and has an uncanny ability to zero in on -and fix! – all of my (sadly, quite numerous) sore spots.
After years of living with a shoulder injury that left me in constant pain, Dennis didn’t just get the spasms out–he gave me stretches and exercises so I could release and strengthen it on my own as well. I’d been to doctors, physical therapists, other massage therapists, and a chiropractor, and none of them did as much good as Dennis. I don’t know if it’s the martial arts training or what, but frankly, I don’t care. Oh, and did I mention I have really tight IT bands? He’s helped fix that, too!
Alright, alright–I admit that I routinely wreck his good work…I’m a bit of stress-holder, and I regularly ignore intelligent recommendations from much smarter people than I to be nicer to myself, but I know Dennis will be there to work it back out. Baby steps, right?
So if you need a massage, DO NOT waste your hard-earned money on anyone else.
Schedule with Dennis RIGHT NOW. You’ll be glad you did!


 Gabriel O.
Mill Creek, WA
Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and more importantly passionate about what he does.
He truly cares about his clients overall health. With his years of background in martial arts, he offers a unique prospective when you see him for his massage sessions. If you need a massage from a true professional, you need to contact Vajra Visions.


 Drew P.
Seattle, WA
Dennis is an amazing massage therapist and martial artist as well. The latter informs and deepens the former in amazing ways. He has a deep intuition and skill that is rarely rivaled! As a veteran massage therapist myself, and also a black belt and former instructor, I can say from a place of authority that Dennis is one of the finest practitioners of both arts that I have ever come across! 3 thumbs up! (that’s a little ninja trick…)


The following 13 reviews are from


 James W.
Seattle, WA
Updated – 10/9/2011
Finally came back for my second massage and can reaffirm my earlier five star review. If I could give a sixth star, I would. I came in filled with weeks of stress and tension and left feeling like a hundred pounds had been lifted from my shoulders. Rumor has it that they are moving to a new location and will be offering more holistic wellness services in the very near future. Lucky us, Seattle!
The price point is spot on for the services you receive. My 90 minute session was $100 with Dennis and worth every nickel. I would recommend Sunrise Bodywork to my friends and would never go anywhere else.
1 Previous Review:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Came in for a 90 minute massage with Dennis, who was highly skilled, calming,
and very intuitive. All of the five star reviews are absolutely true!


 Michael V.
Seattle, WA
Dennis is amazing! I was told by my chiropractor to get a massage every month, after he fixed a very painful displaced rib. I had never been to a chiropractor, but felt it was necessary to fix the pain and tension in my back. I went to Yelp and chose the people with the highest ratings – they were right!
I have gotten several massages in the past, but this was the best. Finally, a message “therapist” who helps you as a patient, with specific goals, not a generic “rub down” like you would get at a salon/spa hahaha. I didn’t need to tell him where my muscles were tight, he could tell on his own – very intuitive. He fixed the tension responsible for my rib being pulled out of place.
Also, Dennis is extremely professional and soft-spoken, making the experience relaxing and therapeutic. Sunrise Bodywork has the professionalism and attention to detail of a doctor’s office, with the relaxing atmosphere of a spa – exactly what I wanted. I will be back for sure.


 A C.
New York, NY
The best deep-tissue, therapeutic massage I’ve had here in Seattle. I’ve seen both Drew and Dennis–both are incredibly knowledgeable and in-tune w/what’s going on with your body. Scheduling was easy and the massage was awesome. This is definitely my go-to place for massage from now on.


 unice S.
Seattle, WA
Two thumbs up for Dennis…hands down, the best message I’ve had…ever.
I was experiencing some back pain and required some work before my flight overseas.
That morning, I was moving furniture and injured my back. I’m in the military, I need messages on a biweekly basis for the work that I do anyways, but my back was causing me a significant amount of pain. I arranged a session with Dennis, and I must say…it was AMAZING! We spent an hour and a half together for the actual message, collaborating together (since this was our first session, (I gave him feedback as to ensure that I was getting exactly what I needed). You can feel the energy flow through his hands, as he uses his talents from several techniques.
The endstate is that I feel amazing. I felt alive and rejuvenated, due to the unique stretching exercises we performed. I could feel the blood circulation flowing throughout places that were dormant prior to the message. And the back pain? What back pain? It was gone…I woke up the next morning just to see if it would return-and this was not the case. Although I was very impressed with my message, I intentionally waited until the next day before I posted this review.
Dennis has a introductory YELP special for $75 for an hour and a half ($75 for 90 minutes!), this will last until he builds up his regular clientele (Drew is a bit more, but not by much). Very affordable (the intro to Dennis YELP special is actually $50 for an hour with Dennis, but they allowed me to get 30 minutes more for $15!!!). Drew changed my appointment 3 times, as a result of my ever changing schedule (I am certain that as a result of this acrobatic fiasco, they must have lost some appointments along the way). He was super accommodating and friendly, doing everything he could to ensure I got an appointment before I flew.
SBW simply is the BEST place to get a message. Look at the prices alone, a lot less expensive than other places that (I guarantee, regardless of how ‘high end’ they are) I have been to. Look around, and you will see that the prices can’t be beat. This message simply doesn’t make you ‘feel good” as so many places do, but don’t provide the results your looking for. Far too many places provide message, but it’s simply touch and relaxation (some things may actually help, but not everything). Get your moneys worth, get the therapy you deserve.
This IS therapeutic, this IS health and wellness…it’s YOUR body. You know the
difference between spoiling yourself vs therapy. Don’t sell yourself short on this one, you’ll be very pleased with the result.
The business is in the small, quaint area of Maple Leaf Book, with plenty of street parking (very accessible from the freeway). Book your appointment now, as they are the in works of expansion (which is a work in planning progress, planning phase).
There is a reason that SBW has 5 star reviews, go…and you too will be posting the same rating!
Another noteworthy mention: As I fidgeted around for my card for some time, Dennis asked me if I would like to take care of it via Paypal…after I left. The level of trust that SBW has for their customers really impressed (and shocked) me at the same time. I don’t another business would allow anyone to do the same.
Thank you Dennis and Drew for an amazing experience, I will be be back!


 Sarah T.
I have had many a massage in various cities and countries. But, Dennis is at the top of my list and, I suspect, will remain there. I booked an appointment with Dennis (online and super easy) a few days before Christmas so I could dial myself down a notch before dealing with the holidays. Dennis has the hands of a powerful angel and a soothing energy that allowed me to relax and enjoy his transformative massage. I came to him a gnarly ball of stress and back pain and left with no pain, calmer and with the feeling that I could survive the holidays with my wild kids and over-involved mother. I will most definitely go back to Dennis the next time I am in Seattle and strongly suggest that those who live in the glorious Pacific Northwest check him out. You will not be disappointed!


 Ellemeno P.
Seattle, WA
Dennis Mace is wonderful!!! After visiting about 9 different Seattle massage therapists I finally found a favorite. I plan on returning for more of the relaxed body, massage bliss that I love.


 Sherri W.
Bellingham, WA
1/16/2012 Purchased a Yelp Deal
I just relocated to Seattle, and was feeling a lot of physical and emotional tension after my move. I relied on Yelp for reviews to find a good massage, and I was not disappointed when I choose Sunrise Bodywork. The massage I received from Dennis was just what I needed; it left me feeling calm, soothed, and in a beautiful state of relaxation. Highly recommended.


 Oip T. Athena Wallinder
Vancouver, BC Canada
Dennis Mace is an excellent massage therapist who actually gets the sore spots, even the deep ones! He also even presses hard enough (most don’t) but not too hard that you are in pain. I have been to many massage places over the years and am honestly quite dissatisfied with most of them. Dennis also has a good knowledge of injuries which I’m quite grateful for. He can work on an injured area and relieve the pain, without making things worse. Highly recommended.


 Diana N.
Seattle, WA
2/20/2012 Purchased a Yelp Deal
Well my search for a massage therapist is over! After going to many different massage therapists I found Dennis Mace. He has been the first to really work out my knots, and I have quite a bit of them. Dennis was very professional, answered all my questions, gave me post treatment suggestions and an extra half hour on my massage, which was much needed. I’ve never left feeling so relaxed. Definitely coming back! Dennis works hard to ensure his clients leave satisfied. The massage was so good, I had to post a review.


 Amanda R.
Menlo Park, CA
Can I give 6 stars??
Just got back from a massage with Dennis. It was my first massage ever, so I wasn’t entire sure what to expect…. and I think I’m a little obsessed. I’d go back every day if I could!! Dennis was extremely mellow, calming, and professional in his demeanor, and simultaneously powerful and gentle in his massage. I had told him that I felt like my neck and shoulders needed some attention, but he intuitively found all the tender spots without me having to say a word and gradually worked them out. I felt like a puddle when it was over… still do!
Before I left, he also took the time to talk to me about dealing with any soreness, drinking plenty of water to flush out the toxins that were released, etc. Very thoughtful and thorough!
Lastly, the price just can’t be beat… My 90 minute massage was just $75, thanks to his introductory special. Amazing!!


 John S.
Seattle, WA
Dennis is great. The massage was focused, directed, and caring. Highly recommended.


 Adele R.
Seattle, WA
I have had a lot of massages but have no second thoughts about saying Dennis is the best
masseuse EVER. I came in a mass of knots with injuries,pain and stiffness and left w.greater range of motion and much less pain. He really tries to understand what is the cause of your problems and wants you to feel better all the time-not just right after your massage. His massage is very effective but not painful like some people feel it has to be to get “results”. I would highly recommend Dennis to anyone.


 Jenni B.
Seattle, WA
I saw Dennis for an appointment a few weeks ago, and he is great!
As a martial artist, I appreciate knowing the fact that he is a long time martial art
practitioner and instructor as well as a massage therapist. So when I went to visit him with a nagging ache from an injury, I knew I would be in good hands.
Dennis has a great demeanor – very calming, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
He even spent a few minutes at the end of the session to suggest some stretches for me to
I highly recommend Dennis, and will visit him again in the future!


The following reviews are from Be Well Massage Spa


 Rita M.
Mukilteo, WA
My first massage at this facility and it was very good and relaxing. Dennis did a great job working through my tense muscles.


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