A Simple Secret to Free Pain Relief

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 Do you know a major cause of headaches, neck and back ache, and even numbness in the hands and feet?

I see it every day: poor posture.

The good news: one of the best solutions to correct posture is free!

If used correctly, this secret could save you hundreds — even thousands — of dollars in medical care…

The secret is actually deep breathing.

Try to take as deep a breath as you can with your back hunched, shoulders rotated inward and your head hanging forward… Does your breathing feel restricted?

Similarly, remember a time when you were injured or stressed out? Just thinking about it probably makes your breath shallow. Deep breathing not only helps correct your posture, it also reduces stress and pain.

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The keys to effective deep breathing are:

  • Lift your head as if it’s being hoisted up from the crown, and
  • push your head up, as if pushing your head through a tight turtle-neck shirt,
  • draw your chin in (not tilted back),
  • keep your hips slightly forward & tailbone tucked under, so the spine is “telescoping” straight (stretching from the top and bottom) without any hunching or swayback.

This will make your spine feel as if it is suspended, with all your bones stacked in alignment, and your entire body will feel lighter, almost weightless.

Dao Yin – Chinese Taoist Yoga & Qi-Gong
Extend spine upward and downward, and draw breath to your lower abdomen.

How long is a deep breath?

It’s relative. The idea is to gradually increase the depth and duration of your breath with practice. The best way, is to count your heartbeats — this allows you to listen to your body and get in touch instead of forcing it.

Start with 5 to 10 heartbeats per inhale, and just as long an exhale, at least 5 full breaths.
Practice everyday when you feel tense, in the morning when you wake up, and at night before you sleep. After a week, increase the depth of your breath by a few more heartbeats, to a point when you feel a stretch, but not so deep that you feel forced or more tense.

Gradual growth
is the key ~ you’ll be amazed with the results!

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Published on: Jul 4, 2013


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