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Are you looking for holistic exercise with depth and versatility?

Discover your inner-power, improve  your health and vitality, and build confidence with authentic self-defense skills from the ancient wisdom of

Vajra Bagua Zhang 金剛八卦掌 (the Circular Art of Transformation)

— progressive, practical training based on each student’s needs.

Group classes and private lessons in Seattle, and remote online video worldwide!

Bagua Zhang classes held Sundays 11am-12:30pm, in Lynnwood, WA.

Safeguard Awareness System

Developing awareness, evasion, and body weapons that women and children can use to protect themselves.

Build your confidence and empowerment with strategies for protecting yourself and your family, enhance communication skills and personal development.

Available for workshops and private lessons.

Vajra Visions ~ Mace Martial Arts

tel (206) 440-9187

email: dennis@macemartialarts.com

Dennis Mace 29Sep2015

Dennis Mace, Holistic Martial Arts Instructor and Illustrator, my passion is to share my art and inspire each of my students to cultivate authentic skills, break through barriers and fears to discover their creative inner-power and deeply connect with the source of their vitality, to enhance their health, confidence, awareness and well-being. My immersive martial arts path began in 1982 – my core training and specialty is BaguaZhang: “8 Trigrams Palm”. I am a 5th generation disciple of Cheng style Bagua Zhang, and my primary focus in teaching is to pass on this art to the next generation. I view martial arts as more than a hobby or sport, it is a holistic lifestyle that tempers body, mind and spirit. Available for workshops, private lessons and online training.

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